Behind The Brand

Behind The Brand is a bi-weekly series centered around local businesses, dedicated to building community through the power of storytelling.

Want to learn the story behind your favorite local business? You came to the right place.

Behind the Brand: Making Local More Vocal

Today, we're launching a project that means the world to us.

Behind the Brand Introduction

As cheesy as it sounds, words really can't describe how much I love this city and how excited I am for this project. 

Contrary to the opinion of the rest of the nation, Oklahoma City is full of life if you just open your eyes and look around. Each resident has their own unique experiences, each business has their own inspiring story, and each street has a tale to tell.

I'm constantly inspired by our city and how far we've come in all areas - quality of life, art + music, affordability of housing, culture, and the list can go on. Although we lack in some areas, we make up for it with an incredible community.

Our biggest asset is still the people that live here. We care about each other. We take care of each other. And there’s nothing phony about it. Despite all the cynicism in the world, we really do care about each other.
— OKC Mayor Mick Cornett, State of The City

For a long time, our team has been wanting to learn more about this city — the residents, the businesses, the community — all of it. So today, we're thrilled to announce our new series called Behind the Brand

Behind the Brand was developed by our team to strengthen the bond between our kick-ass local businesses and the residents of Oklahoma City through the power of storytelling. We want to learn more about the people behind-the-scenes — the business owners who sacrifice their time, energy, and resources to create their own legacy, forge their own path, and leave Oklahoma City better than it was when they planted their seed. Oklahoma City's local economy is stronger than ever, and we want to help make local more vocal

 Downtown | Oklahoma City, OK

Downtown | Oklahoma City, OK

Every two weeks, we'll sit down with the owners of your favorite local businesses in Oklahoma City, and learn about their background + story - how they got started, where they see themselves in the future, how they came up with their name and concept, what kind of legacy they want to leave, and a bunch of other interesting insights about the business. We'll compile our favorite questions and answers into a weekly blog post, and release it every other Monday at 10A.

There's one thing we need to make this work though — you.

We really want to know what businesses you're curious about. Have a favorite local business in mind? Want to learn more about who's running things behind-the-scenes? We want to help, and we'd love to hear your voice. The only requirement right now is that the business has to be locally owned and located within Oklahoma City. (We'll be expanding to other cities within Oklahoma in the next few months, so keep an eye out for that!) If you have a business in mind, let us know by filling out the form below - it takes less than 20 seconds!

No matter who you are, everybody has a story to tell - and we're incredibly excited to discover + share them with our city.

Do good today.

Matt Varughese (InstagramTwitter)
Founder + Business Director, Websterpeace (InstagramTwitter)

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