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Kayla Fassio Fit x Websterpeace

We're absolutely hyped to announce a brand new marketing campaign for our newest client, Kayla Fassio.

If you're looking for a female entrepreneur to follow for inspiration for your own hustle, look no further than Kayla. When it comes down to it, Kayla hustles like no other -- whether it be for her own clients by creating solid workout and meal plans for them, or recording fitness videos in the gym, every single day. 

With a following of more than 15,000 people on Instagram, Kayla continues her hustle on the web by posting a ton of quality content to get her clients and followers motivated. In addition to a very active social media presence, she continues to work hard by creating unique blog posts for her clients, and giving them behind-the-scenes looks at various aspects of the fitness industry, like this behind-the-scenes of a series on Fox News called Fit with Fox:

With this new marketing campaign, we'll be helping Kayla express her vision more clearly with a killer new website to allow clients to buy meal and workout plans online, 24/7/365, contact Kayla directly, sign up for exclusive tips via email marketing, and much more. Be sure to keep an eye out for the new release!

Don't forget to become one of the thousands of people who put Kayla's fitness advice to work everyday by following her on Instagram, and liking her page on Facebook.