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Tuesday Thoughts: Why Your Staff Is Your Most Valuable Asset


Yesterday, I interviewed Steve and Chelsea Willingham about Clarity Coffee for Behind The Brand (it was a great interview, in case you missed it.) During the interview, he brought up a really great point that I wanted to briefly expand on. Here's a snippet of our conversation:



Matt: What contributes to the mood and atmosphere of a shop?
Steve: Every shop has their own way of approaching that. There’s not a single element, I would say, that is a contributing factor to that. I mean, people are really what’s going to make it.

Matt: People meaning... customers or baristas?
Steve: I mean the baristas, but the customers are obviously contributing to it too. But, like, if you go into a shop that has a smiling face, it is a better shop. No matter how good the coffee is, no matter how comfortable the seats are, no matter what music they’re playing, a grumpy person behind the bar is going to ruin everything else about it.



There are three businesses in Oklahoma that I personally frequent more than any other:

Unless something drastic happens, I'll most likely patronize these businesses for the rest of my life. Why? It's not because AAT has the best gun range, or because either of the coffee shops above make the best coffee in the state.

It's because of the staff.

Steve clearly said it himself - "If you go into a shop that has a smiling face, it is a better shop." That doesn't just apply to coffee shops. It applies to every single business - whether it be retail, dining, hospitality, et cetera. If you have customers, you have to realize that your employees are your #1 asset.

Out of all the businesses that I've been to in Oklahoma so far, the above 3 take the cake when it comes to my favorite staff - those that, in my opinion, go above and beyond to be helpful and accommodating to me, a customer.

Will the list change? Probably. There are thousands of businesses that I haven't been to yet, and arguably, many of them could be added to the list. But so long as the staff at businesses above are positive, happy, and helpful, they'll always have my vote as best-in-class.

(Also - if we're really getting subjective, I do think that AAT does have the best gun range and that both of those coffee shops do make the best coffee, but I digress.)


Do good today.

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